Current Topic Surveys

Throughout the year smaller surveys are conducted on current industry events.  These one page surveys allow presidents to quickly complete the information, and complimentary reports are distributed to all who participate.

Presidential Retirement Benefits (2012)
In August 2012, Yaffe & Company, Inc. conducted a survey to better understand the retirement benefits offered to Presidents of independent colleges and universities.  The survey generated responses from 213 institutions in 38 states.
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Presidential Contract Provisions (2012)
As reported in Yaffe & Company’s 2011/12 annual executive compensation survey for independent colleges and universities, 84% of presidents reported that they had formal written contracts.   In March of 2012, we conducted a survey to more fully detail the components of the agreements including automobile, housing, spousal roles, and outside employment.  Approximately 250 institutions participated; and the following report summarizes the findings from the survey.
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Presidential Performance Evaluations (2011)
Presidential performance evaluations provide an opportunity for open and honest communication between the Board and President regarding goals and job performance. Yet, each institution has a unique methodology for collecting and distributing this information.  Survey questions focused on the constituents involved, topics of performance goals, the formality of the process, and perceived satisfaction and effectiveness.
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Presidential Transitions (2010)
It’s important to have processes in place in case of either planned and unplanned transitions for leadership.  Presidents who responded answered questions regarding contingency plans, transition processes, and retirement packages.
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Recession’s Impact (2009)
This survey was completed in July of 2009 to assess the impact on executive compensation programs during a time of economic uncertainty.
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Deferred Compensation (2008)
Participant presidents were asked to report whether they receive Supplement Retirement Plans (SERP) or any deferred compensation from the institution.  They were also asked to report whether they believed these contributions were adequate for their future retirement needs.
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