Current Topic Surveys

Throughout the year smaller surveys are conducted on current industry events. These one page surveys allow participants to quickly complete the information, and all participants receive a complimentary copy of the report.

Physician Compensation Governance Survey (January 2012)

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of hospitals employing physicians. The compensation structures for these employed physicians vary widely among hospitals and often even among physicians within the same hospital.

Yaffe & Company conducted a brief survey to explore how hospitals are compensating physicians, including elements used to set compensation, methodologies employed, and board oversight of the process.

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CEO Retirement Benefits (April 2011)
In April 2011, Yaffe & Company, Inc. conducted a survey to assess the retirement benefits available to CEOs of tax-exempt hospitals and systems.
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CEO Retirement Planning (September 2009)
In October 2009, Yaffe & Company, Inc. conducted a survey to explore retirement trends for healthcare CEOs, including the effects of the recession and impending healthcare reform legislation on CEO retirement planning.  The survey also examined CEO satisfaction with retirement benefits and whether a formal succession plan is in place.  The survey generated responses from 237 organizations from 23 states.
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Recession’s Impact on Executive Compensation (May 2009)
In May 2009, Yaffe & Company, Inc. conducted a survey to assess the impact of the current economic conditions on executive compensation programs of non-profit hospitals and health systems. The survey generated responses from 217 hospitals from 20 states.
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