Monograph: The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum

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15-physician-relationship-continuumIn partnership with the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, Yaffe & Company published a Monograph exploring the relationship between health systems and physicians.

Enhancing relationships and alignment among physicians and health care organizations is widely acknowledged as a cornerstone for success in delivering greater value in health care.  The focus has been on outlining the organizational structures, leadership development activities, and methods of engagement that can help health systems and physicians collaborate better together to reach common goals. Less has been said about viewing the relationship as a continuum and the steps that can be taken to effectively sustain it.

In this Center publication, The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum: What Boards need to Know, author Alexander C. Yaffe president and CEO of the executive compensation firm Yaffe & Company, envisions the continuum in three segments: recruitment, retention and retirement. Within each segment he discusses several activities health care organizations and physicians can take to positively impact dimensions of effective relationships: transparency, trust, engagement, expectations, follow-though, performance evaluation and succession planning and transition.

This publication includes at-a-glance summaries of key board roles at each stage of the relationship.  It also provides a variety of tools that health care organizations and physicians can use to assess and strengthen the relationship throughout its life cycle.

Sets of questions are posed for boards, executives and physicians to consider at each stage of the relationship.  A case example of how a board created a positive context to resolve issues regarding one health care organization’s physician compensation model illustrates the power of board engagement in these relationships.

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