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Latest Resources

  • Webinar Series – The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum: What Boards Need to Know

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    Health systems and physicians must continue to find ways to develop sustainable working relationships that provide a highly reliable basis for future growth. It is important to apply collaborative strategies in appropriate ways to advance and deepen these critical relationships. Health care organizations should continually assess the physician relationship continuum in a thoughtful, mutually beneficial, and collaborative manner that provides for effective on-boarding, retention, high-quality patient experiences and outcomes, clinical innovation, and transition of leadership.

    This three-part webinar series, produced in partnership with the AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance, addresses the Board’s role throughout the continuum, ensuring a healthy, collaborative, and transparent relationship. The series highlights how the Board can be involved with:

    •Strengthening the recruitment process of key physicians
    •Effectively onboarding physicians
    •Implementing retention strategies
    •Ensuring the health system – physician relationship is nurtured at the critical career stages
    •Planning for clinical transitions and ensuring organizational continuity

    Presenter: Alexander Yaffe – President & CEO, Yaffe & Company

    Who Will Benefit:
    •Governing boards
    •CEOs and other senior executives
    •Clinical leaders
    •Staff who coordinate and support governing board activities.

    A Convenient Tool for Board Development:
    This pre-recorded webinar series offers the flexibility of on-demand viewing by individual executives and trustees or by full governing boards as an educational resource during board and committee meetings, retreats or orientation sessions. Boards are encouraged to consider the webinar content in the context of their own situations and needs.

    How to obtain:
    To obtain the any of the webinar recordings, follow the link below (registration required). Note: If you are having trouble accessing any of the webinars, clear your browsing history and then click on the link again.

  • Monograph: The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum

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    15-physician-relationship-continuumIn partnership with the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, Yaffe & Company published a Monograph exploring the relationship between health systems and physicians.

    Enhancing relationships and alignment among physicians and health care organizations is widely acknowledged as a cornerstone for success in delivering greater value in health care.  The focus has been on outlining the organizational structures, leadership development activities, and methods of engagement that can help health systems and physicians collaborate better together to reach common goals. Less has been said about viewing the relationship as a continuum and the steps that can be taken to effectively sustain it.

    In this Center publication, The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum: What Boards need to Know, author Alexander C. Yaffe president and CEO of the executive compensation firm Yaffe & Company, envisions the continuum in three segments: recruitment, retention and retirement. Within each segment he discusses several activities health care organizations and physicians can take to positively impact dimensions of effective relationships: transparency, trust, engagement, expectations, follow-though, performance evaluation and succession planning and transition.

    This publication includes at-a-glance summaries of key board roles at each stage of the relationship.  It also provides a variety of tools that health care organizations and physicians can use to assess and strengthen the relationship throughout its life cycle.

    Sets of questions are posed for boards, executives and physicians to consider at each stage of the relationship.  A case example of how a board created a positive context to resolve issues regarding one health care organization’s physician compensation model illustrates the power of board engagement in these relationships.

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  • Webinar: Executive Compensation Trends at Independent Colleges & Universities

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    This annual webinar discusses of our most recent survey data and analysis. The analysis will highlight recent trends and provide insight into where compensation is headed.

    Using the results from Yaffe & Company’s 2015-16 compensation survey, we will review:

    • Median base salary changes for President, CAO, CFO, and other senior staff
    • Variable pay eligibility and awards
    • Deferred compensation and supplemental retirement program options
    • Housing, automobile, and other contract provisions

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  • Webinar: Executive Compensation Trends at Nonprofit Hospitals & Systems

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    Using the results from Yaffe & Company’s 2015 compensation survey, this webinar highlights recent data, yearly trending, and other points of interest:

    • Median base salary changes for the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CNO,CIO, and HR
    • Variable pay eligibility and awards
    • Deferred compensation and supplemental retirement programs
    • Benefits & perquisites

    Warren A. Green, Senior Consultant and immediate past CEO of LifeBridge Health, and Alexander C. Yaffe, Yaffe & Company President & CEO, will discuss the latest trends and best practices.


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  • Developing a Contingency Succession Plan

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    A key responsibility of every board is to ensure that effective leadership is in place so that the institution can continue to achieve its long-term mission, vision and strategic goals.  But what happens if there is a leadership void at the top caused by an unplanned event?  What happens if your president is unexpectedly unable to perform his or her duties? What do the board and its leaders have to accomplish the next morning?



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