Presidential Compensation & Contracts

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In order to attract and retain top leaders,  whose management will successfully advance the institution’s mission, it is vital to establish fair, competitive, and effective compensation and benefit programs.

In addition, the recent increased intrusion of regulatory compliance issues into executive compensation, coupled with intense public scrutiny, makes it essential that compensation and benefit levels, as well as the process by which they are determined, meet the various IRS requirements for committee independence and “rebuttable presumption.”

The Yaffe process addresses all of these needs. In our work with clients we utilize customized national survey data and comply with all IRS and other requirements for independence, accountability, disclosure and documentation.  In creating a process to be followed each year and for each contract renewal Yaffe & Company works directly with the board and alongside management to review and strengthen the institution’s:

  • written compensation documents, such as bylaws authority and committee charter
  • compensation philosophy
  • peer group/market  list
  • employment agreements & contract highlights
  • current year goals
  • compensation, benefits, and costs for each item and for each position to be reviewed

In 2008, for the first time, one of our clients was subjected to an audit:  “We passed the audit with flying colors; the IRS agent said she was very impressed by the thoroughness and completeness of our process and its documentation.  Thank you for working with us!”

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