Higher Education

Independent colleges and universities are complex institutions that are important resources to the many constituents they serve.  They operate in competitive and rapidly changing environments that are subject to increasing public and regulatory scrutiny.

Board members have a growing appreciation of their fiduciary roles, and they recognize the value of effective governance.  It is our mission at Yaffe & Company to strengthen governance in institutions of higher education by helping boards and their presidents develop and implement processes in the areas of:

  • Presidential Compensation & Benefits
  • Presidential Contracts
  • Form 990 Disclosures
  • Senior Staff Compensation & Benefits
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Independent Presidential Performance Assessments
  • Presidential Transition & Coaching
  • Leadership Team Development


“I want to again thank you for your thoughtful guidance throughout the years. I have especially appreciated those occasions when you have found it necessary to express frank observations in a professional manner when it may not have been in your firm’s best interest. It has been a pleasure to work with you knowing that you would be certain that we complied with the spirit of the regulations while treating our leadership team fairly.”

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