Executive Compensation & Contracts

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In today’s complex environment, hospital and health system board members must attract and retain top leaders whose effective management will successfully advance the organization’s mission. At the same time, boards are acutely aware of the heightened public scrutiny of executive compensation and the increased intrusion of regulatory compliance into executive pay. The Yaffe process addresses all of these needs.

The process utilizes customized national survey data, complies with all IRS and other requirements for independence, accountability, disclosure and documentation. Consequently, executives are compensated competitively, and trustees can be secure in knowing that all regulatory requirements have been met.

The annual executive compensation process can include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Compensation Philosophy & Committee Charter
  • Market Compensation Analysis including Benefits & Perquisites
  • Employment Agreements
  • Media Preparedness
  • Form 990 Review
  • Retirement Benefit Projections

“We passed the audit with flying colors; the IRS agent said she was very impressed by the thoroughness and completeness of our process and its documentation.  Thank you for working with us!” — Healthcare client after an audit

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