Alexander Yaffe

President & CEO

Alexander began working at Yaffe & Company, Inc. in 2001. Alexander has held a number of roles during his career at Yaffe & Company, Inc. and in 2013 was promoted to President & Chief Executive Officer. As the second generation leader of Yaffe, he continues to advance the firm particularly through improved use of information technology and complimentary service lines.

Alexander has developed expertise in the technical, operational, and governance aspects of executive compensation and deferred compensation plan design and implementation, as well as the regulatory requirements of compliance with numerous Internal Revenue Code Sections. His expertise extends to physician compensation governance and administration, Fair Market Value Assessment, and physician compensation plan design.

He has assisted numerous not-for-profit Boards with assessing executive compensation programs, executive performance evaluation methods, retirement plan designs, leadership transition, and succession planning. In addition, he works with hospitals and integrated systems to develop comprehensive physician compensation governance practices, assess current-state compensation and productivity relative to market, and the development of next-generation plan designs. In his work, Alexander aims to achieve optimal alignment of expectations, understanding, and performance in an evolving healthcare landscape that impacts both organizations and individuals.

In addition to consulting with clients, Alexander has been part of expert panels on these topics, given presentations, and has led Board education programs nationally. In 2012, he co-authored a monograph for the Center for Healthcare Governance titled The Expanding Role of the Compensation Committee. In 2013, Alexander co-authored an article for Trustee Magazine titled Ready for the Unthinkable, focused on implementing an emergency succession plan for key leaders. Most recently, Alexander published his second Monograph with the Center for Healthcare Governance titled The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum: What Boards Need to Know (Oct 2015).

He resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his family.
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